About Us

As a part of a democratic society, we have been given the ability and voice to freely and safely share our diverse perspectives and beliefs. Our collective strength is in honoring our diversity in service to a greater call - to promote inclusion through unconditional compassion, kindness and respect. We’ve historically seen this simple tenet altered and abused, with some seeking to leverage our differences as tools of division, subjugation and the promulgation of hatred.

Rather than surrendering to feelings of hopelessness, fear and sadness over the many places and spaces overrun with agendas and campaigns dedicated to promoting hate, a group of us rallied around a simple question - what does it mean to actively fight hatred with acts of service?

Our Mission

Four Years of Service (#4YOS) is an inclusive space and collective resource for those seeking to intentionally champion community service as a means of promoting kindness. Our mission is bleedingly simple:

  1. To encourage individuals to pledge four years to community service as a means of championing diversity, inclusion and respect
  2. To provide resources for people looking to perform service or connect with service organizations on a local, national and/or global level
  3. To mentor the next group of leaders who will continue to keep the aforementioned tasks alive

Those dedicated to Four Years of Service have made the active choice to fight hate with acts of good - sharing stories, resources and kindness as a means of uniting people around a common goal of participating in and promoting a kinder nation.

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