Our interconnectedness in the fight for good is critical to our success - we need your voice, your perspective, your good deeds and your time in order to move the needle.  You will have noticed that we are championing the involvement in causes and organizations that already exist.  You may also notice that we are encouraging you to champion causes that are meaningful to you, and create an impact on your local communities.  However you choose to get involved, know that we are with you.


At the heart of #4YOS is this simple task - to pledge the next four years to service.  For many of us, this will look like one cause per month for 48 months.  For others, you may find a cause that you love and want to stick with them for 48 months.  Or you may do a combination of all of the above.  It’s all good.

You’ll also pledge to share your story of how you are promoting good through each act of service.  This can be over social media or on a website that you create to document your journey.

In all that you do and write, you will pledge unconditional kindness and respect for all.

Share Your Service Story

As you work with your various causes, take pictures, talk to folks, and learn more about their challenges and opportunities, we encourage you to document and share these stories online.  Use this form to let us know which organizations you’ve contributed time and service to as a means of helping out.  We want to know how you are a link in a chain, promoting good in the world.

Help a Fellow Champion

Our site features the service stories of our friends who have volunteered to share their own journey through four years of service.  They have made sure to leave information on how you too might be able to get involved.  If you decide that you want to match their service with a donation of time or money to the same organization, let us know.  We’ll celebrate your contribution on our site.