How It Works

Our collective is organized around a framework that allows us to celebrate the many individuals who want to champion kindness through action. What does this look like? Our website is meant to work as a launch pad for starting your own journey into four years of service in and around your community. This entails three simple steps:

  1. Pledge to spend the next four years giving your time and/or resources in service to others. For many, this will looks like choosing one charity each month for 48 months.
  2. Share the story of how you contributed, and how others might do so. This doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. A tweet, a photo on instagram, a shared post on Facebook might be the way you tell your story.
  3. Support others who want to get involved by sharing your story, offering assistance, and providing them access the resources available on this site.

That’s it - do service, talk about it, and connect others to opportunities to do the same.

What #4YOS Is NOT

This space will never be a tool to create divisions between people, to denigrate any people or organizations, or to promote people or organizations that seek to champion discrimination or hate.

Kindness and respect know no age, race, gender, sexual orientation, political ideology or religion.

Most importantly, know that the people who are dedicated to protecting this space are committed to unconditional respect and kindness, even when it is difficult to do so. They have made a choice to combat hate with acts of service, and in honor of that work, strive to use their words, actions and respect for all citizens to create ways to unite, uplift and heal.

How the #4YOS Site Works

Want to get involved, but aren’t sure how to get started? This site is intended to be a support tool to provide you with the inspiration and resources needed to begin your journey:

  • Stories from Featured Champions
    We’ve asked several of our friends to share their stories of how they are doing on their path of four years of service. Each month, they will write a summary of their work for their chosen charity and offer you ways to donate time or resources to that cause.
  • Connections to Causes and Charities
    On various locations on the site, including embedded within the stories from our Featured Champions, you will be able to access links to various organizations looking for your support. If you contribute time or resources, let us know and we will highlight it on the website.
  • Resources on How to Get Involved
    Looking to take your service to the next level? We will feature resources to help you promote good and share your story. From guides on creating a web space of your own, to primers on design thinking and social change, to frameworks for redefining social media as a tool for good, we have supportive tools to help you align all of your communications to the promotion of kindness.
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