In the early 1960’s, my mother ran away from home. Though she loved her family dearly, she knew that she deserved to be treated equally and to be given the chance to further her education.  Alone, confused and naive, she set off to the capital, San Salvador.  She worked as a nanny during the day and enrolled in a high school program at night.  I wish I could say that this was the only hardship my mom has endured, but sadly, she has encountered much more and much worse. In spite of this, my mom is always thankful, always willing to help, always happy.  She has taught me that no matter what happens, we all have a duty and that is to leave this world a better place by doing small acts of kindness every day.

Today and for the rest of my life, I will dedicate my life to making this world a better place. A world with equal rights and opportunities for my daughter and your daughters.  A world filled with strong leaders and role models for future generations.  A world filled with kindness and acceptance. A world where my gay friends can love without fear. A world where all of us, regardless of faith, sex, skin tone, immigration status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, can live without judgement and fear.