Join the Conversation

We are excited to promote the vibrancy of our collective good across this site, over social media and beyond.  Want to be a part of the conversation?  Here are some concrete ways that you can do so:

  • Promote a Service Story
    Each month, our Featured Champions will share their story of service.  You can champion their efforts by using the links on their story to donate time or resources to the cause they’ve chosen.  Once you’ve done so, feel free to let us know how you’ve contributed using the online form, and we’ll make a notation celebrating your help in moving the needle.
  • Leave a Kind Word
    Encourage those performing service with a kind word of encouragement on our site.  As with all of our communications, make sure that your comment is respectful, supports diversity and inclusion, and contributes to a culture of kindness.
  • Share Your Story
    We hope that you will use your words and actions to join us in four years of service.  As you embark on this journey, share your story each month over social media or on a web space of your own.  Don’t know how to do it?  We’ve collected a series of resources that will guide you through the process of telling your story digitally.
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