When I was about twenty, I ran out of gas on a chilly December evening. Walking up the road in the direction of town, feeling pretty cold and depressed, a Christmas sweater wearing couple pulled over and offered to give me a lift. Suddenly I was in a warm car, eating chocolate they shared with me, on the way to a gas station. The whole thing took about thirty minutes, but I’ll never forget them or the way that—without hesitation—they pulled over to help a stranger. I can also vividly recall times when I was the one reaching out to help someone. I remember their faces and my sense of connectedness and meaning. I believe these small, simple acts, when aggregated, end up being some of the most important in our lives.

More than ever, I notice the good that I see around me, and it energizes and heartens me. When we reach out with acceptance, understanding, and minds open to learning, we are at our best. I want to play my part in us striving for our best, and that's why I'm pledging four years of service. There’s a vast network of people looking for ways to make the world a little better, and I’m so grateful for this place where we can band together to be a force for kindness.