I have been on a light hiatus from social media lately, but not for the reasons that you may necessarily think. The election process has affected in a very real and physical way, especially when it comes down to whether I will continue to have access to the treatments that I need as I live my life with multiple sclerosis.  My greatest obstacle is my fear of being able to stay healthy, and I have been focusing on my health more than anything as my opportunities may become more limited.  

When I wake up each day, I know that some or all of my time will be spent fighting for my health in some kind of way.  Every single moment is a fight, but I always know that I will get through it.  The morning that Four Years of Service launched, on #GivingTuesday, I was able to stop for a minute and see the beautiful day that was unfolding - friends, new and old, pledging to spend 48 months giving back and fighting for good. Everyone’s pledges were a reminder that all of us, regardless of our unique struggles and pain, have to contribute.  There’s no reason not to fight.  This is why I pledge, and why you should, too.

I am in a position where all I can think of is embetterment.  I base my whole day trying to make my life better just to get through it, so I want to do that for others and try to make their lives better.  It’s not hard to be better people - we just have to do it.  Looking at the difficulties of my life, I know I want others to have an easier life than what I have to go through.  I want to do this because there needs to be a change, and I don’t want to be one of those people that says that “There needs to be a change” and then doesn’t do anything.  And because I am super comfortable being a visible agent for change, I am happy to share my story in the hopes that others will find the courage to do the same.  

People have asked me about #4YOS and want to get involved, but don't know what this is. The thing is, you aren't supposed to know what this is yet. None of us know what this will become, because we are creating it now and we are doing it together.  It’s us figuring out what we can each contribute that is unique to us, and bringing it to the table.  When I think of what I can contribute, I know that I’m good at talking to people, especially sharing the details of my experience. I’m also really good at fighting.  Start your own journey by thinking about what you are good at, what you care about, and what you can uniquely contribute.  Then pledge #fouryearsofservice to do just that.