Our Core Values

Throughout history, humans have taken powerful forces (particularly social media and our connections over the web) and squandered them - allowing them to be used as a means to spread hatred and divisiveness. We’ve created open spaces where people can manipulate truth, foster fear, and subjugate by playing up confusion and ignorance. The result is large swaths of disenfranchised people feeling that their voice doesn’t matter and that they have no place in the fight for good.

How might we reclaim these spaces as safe havens for those who want to champion good? What does it mean to be a unifying force in the virtual space? As a means of focusing our efforts and increasing our impact, we look to the following core values to guide our work.

With each act and word, we are intentionally seeking to:

  1. Give our time and/or resources in service to others
  2. Model kindness and compassion
  3. Create and protect a safe space that celebrates diversity and inclusion
  4. Champion the respect and dignity of all citizens

Our Basic Principles

As we weave this common thread of championing kindness through acts of service, we have seen several basic principles emerge as foundational:

  • Empathy - The first stage of the design thinking process, the skill of empathy requires us to understand why people do what they do, what they need, how they think, and what they value. We strive to understand, even when it is difficult for us to do so.
  • Education - We believe that the power to enact social change comes from opening access to learning, improving literacies and competencies, and removing all barriers and obstacles to education.
  • Inclusion - Kindness is never discriminatory. We are dedicated to fighting the senselessness of hate through the promotion of equity and inclusion.
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